Fairplay products/solutions are designed such that they can be used as a complete package for a project or as individual services. Our range of products/solutions is frequently requested by our customers for in-house/external exhibitions, events, trade fairs or conventions. We would be happy to put together a customised package for your needs. You can reach us by phone on +49 6221 73919-58 or by e-mail at


Ultra-portable Solutions

Low-weight, visual solutions, easy to assemble and to transport.

Roll-ups, banner-displays and brochure stands.

Ein flexibler Messestand mit Roll-ups, Banner-Display und Broschürenständer.

Portable Solutions

Visual Solutions, easy to assemble and to transport, resilient and durable.

Pop-Up Displays, Picture Canvases, folding Systems and Exhibition-Ready Solutions.

Tragbare, widerstandsfähige Pop-Up Displays in verschiedensten Größen und Formaten.

Moveable Solutions

Modular and reusable fair stands, Standard- configuration and custom made solutions from 9 to 100 m2. To be assembled from our professionals.

Ein modularer Messestand von Fairplay Service

Digital Broadsheet Print

Broadsheet print in various forms and on various materials. Classic on canvas screens or on modern Forex as well as aluminum band and acrylic glass.

Eine eindrucksvolle Gemälde-Galerie? Mit Großformatdrucken von Fariplay Service ist das kein Problen.

Textile Covered Frames

High resolution execution quality, strung on almost invisible frames. Optimal color resolution thanks to Subliminations technique, perfect covering, in an abundance of forms and formats.

Hochwertige textilbespannte Rahmen ergänzen jeden Shop und Messestand.

Outdoor Solutions

Outdoor-Solutions wind- and waterproof.

Beach flags, Foldable Systems, Commercial Banners in various options.

Auch vor der Messehalle ein Hingucker: wind- und wasserfeste Beachflags und Werbebanner.

Point of sale/Retail

Marketing-/Presentation Displays

Displays support the merchendise presentation. That is why the „look and feel“ can stand out from the classic program. The presentation-display is should halt the client at the POS, spark their interest and promote the purchase.

3D marketingdisplays are available in various forms:

  • Mounted on the ground
  • Fixed on a shelf
  • As a counter card
  • Or as a presentation-stele

The execution can happen in various materials, from firm cardboard over acrylic up to steel and aluminum- constructions- as well as natural materials such as wood for example.

The marketing display is usually an invitation to touch and experience various materials. Also to illustrate complex, not neccesarily obvious processes and optimal facts.

Upon your request we are able to develop customized prototypes for the testing market and support you in the serial production and the extensive equipment of show-roomsand Flagship-stores.

Digital Sales-Displays and Posters

The selection of our products include light-displays, back-lit textile frames, digital steles, posters as well as many other options.

With a combined sales-display you’ll reach the client at various standing points. For that we often integrate monitores into classic displays, so the presentation covers not onlez the visual but also the haptic accents. An example could be the combination the presentation of a product sample and the company video.

Schwarze Infostele von Fairplay Service

Digital Signaging

Wether in hotels, on the companies premisses, the busstop or inside of stores- the usage of digital signaging becomes more popular. Our digital signaging solutions are linked, audio-visual digital dispalys for the presentation of advertisement and further information.

In combination with internal and external media databases, you can manage the campaign-data centrally and inject information safe and secure. The displays are controlled via WiFi or UMTS. To ensure the display of the campaign simultaneously at different locations. The update happens centarlly and uncomplicated.

Alternatively, the data communication can also happen via USB-Sticks, right at the device – the „plug&play“ option.

Eine Stele mit eingebautem Display.

Prototype manufacturing

For special requirements and per request of our customer, we are abale to develop a prototype for the testing market, which after completion oft the test runs, aquire series maturity.

Prototyp eines digitalen Displays aus dem Hause Fairplay Service


Our promotional atelier supports with layout and data preparation for print-, online- as well as other digital media.


Our IT-experts ensure the optimal compatability oft the soft- and the hardware, so your digital displays portray the right advertisement information at the right time. Media planing just in time and at the push of a button!

Laptop mit Programmcode


Software solutions have to be one thing these days: simple.

Simple in the handling. Simple in the installation. And always available. At Fairplay Service we use tools, that support your employees  – indipendent of location and time. Concepted and excuted as a web application, broad upgrades as well as updates are realizable.

Our tools contain exactly the functions, that your employees need to do their job, through the modular assembly and the role concept.

Warehouse administration systems

Modern warehouse administration under implication of mobile devices, ensure the registration of all incoming and outgoing merchendise. This includes a higher transparency over the orders and deliveries as well as improved profitability thourgh optimisation oft he routes, expediting oft he processes and error reductions.

Fairplay übernimmt das Beladen des Lasters, den Transport und das Einlagern Ihrer Messebau-Komponenten.

Shop Systems

Optimal interlocked workflow applied to your individual projects. From the order process all the way to the returning management. Here you can display all processes and analyses and your employees are provided with an updated overview at any time.

Media data bank

Our systems for central media management provide the managing of various picture and video formats.

The main features are:

  • automated generation oft he technical data from the asset-information
  • the possibility of broad ranged tagging
  • a capable Picture converting function

On the basis of the Fairplay developed aspect:ratio frameworks, we provide a functional and simply extendable media data bank for pictures and videos.

Die Medien-Datenbank mit Vorschau-Funktion

Tour- & Resource-Planning

Our tool for tours and applications planning is implemented as a web application. It functions on stationary as well as mobile devices (Android and Apple).

The main task oft the tool is the project- and employee management at the POS, in regards of merchendising- and promotional measures.

Further blocks oft the system are routing, receipt compilation and project documentation, with pictures and checklists. An ideal instrument for promotion- and event agencies, which can be customized to new projects with little effort.

Jeder Haken steht für einen erledigte Etappe auf der Route.

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